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Choosing the best dog food to feed your dog on is not easy. It's no easier deciding what to keep in the shop. 
There are much simpler topics to write about for a first blog, but I’ve chosen dog food. 
Anyone who has ever owned a dog will know what a minefield it can be trying to find the best food for your dog. There are so many questions and so many differing opinions and rumours. 
The reason I chose such a difficult first topic (although I will make it very brief) was that we are currently assessing the foods that we have. 
Customers are becoming ever more interested about what they are feeding their dogs, what it contains and where it’s manufactured. 
People in general, I believe, are also starting to question where lots of things come from and how far it has travelled to get to their door. One local shop has sold similar items side by side, one being local, by which I mean Yorkshire, and the other from overseas. The local produce, though higher in price has always sold better. 
We have Acana dog food in our shop, considered to be one of the best dried foods, but this comes all the way from Canada. Surely there is a food of similar quality made here in the UK? The hunt for a high quality, grain free, high meat content dog food, sourced and manufactured here in the UK only threw up more questions. 
Should we expand our range of frozen, raw food? Do we find a freeze dried or air dried food? Do we get a cold pressed food? What about insects as a protein source? 
All of the different foods have very different prices, some of them can be quite alarming. I worry that customers will see the cost of a bag and we need them to know the cost per day, for a more accurate comparison. 
We also don’t have a vast amount of space in our shop to stock 100 different types of dog food so the few that we do stock have to sell well. 
I will speak to my customers and make a decision soon, hopefully it will be the right one but only time will tell. 
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